Welcome to Kids First Pediatrics

We are ecstatic that you have chosen our practice as your child's medical home. Our practice is dedicated to ensuring that your child gets the individual attention and comprehensive care that they need. Our compassionate pediatricians and staff are ready to make sure that your child is receiving the utmost care from birth through adolescence for a healthier life and even brighter future.

We understand that life can become hectic but we want you to know that our practice is dedicated to making your child's health care as painless and accessible as possible. With our three convenient locations, we are certain that you will have access to professionals who are not only qualified pediatricians but experienced parents as well. Our staff is dedicated to making sure your child's health is a priority. By building a foundation of trust and comfort, you are sure to be satisfied with your child's health care.

Thank you for choosing Kids First Pediatrics as your child's new medical home. We look forward to making sure that our practice exceeds the healthcare standards for your children.

Please call one of our three convenient locations if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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What is Healow?

Healow is an online health and wellness tracker that allows you to access all of your medical information in one place. Using our patient portal, Healow, you not only have the option to request appointments but you can also view past appointments, request medication refills, and more. Healow is available online as well as in the App store and Google Play store. Contact one of our three convenient locations if you have any questions.